2015 – July – Saving Eyes Around the World Mission – GoFundMe for Congo

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You Can Make a Difference
I created this gofundme campaign because i felt so inspired and humbled by the extraordinary work a few ordinary people have chosen to do with their time, money, and hearts to change the lives of thousands of people.


By simply taking action today you could change the life of 1 person and that will be amazing on its own!


But the truth is you could actually change the lives of hundreds of people with the same action! You have the power to do this!


The Problem:
Eye disease (blindness) affects millions of people across the continent of Africa and in other parts of the diaspora.


Even though very prevalent it’s also very curable when caught early. So you are probably wondering why hasn’t something been done about this? In some places there is only 1 doctor per 2 million people, it gets even worse in other areas.


It affects young and old alike and severely impacts the productivity and quality of life in all of these places.


The Solution:
An organization named Help Is On The Way Ministries led by a small group of medical professionals from Africa and America have decided to take action.


Each year they identify a region that is in extreme need of eye care and organize a medical mission to save the eyes and inherently the lives of thosands of people who are suffering from a simple curable eye condition.


Free eye tests of thousands of people leads to early detection and prevention of eye disease.


In the case of those affected, early detection leads to simple surgeries that can restore full sight. It’s truly a miracle.


All the resources for the mission come from acts of charity from awesome organizations but mostly from people like you. The team assembles all the resources and live within the most minimal means so they can dedicate everything to those who need it the most.


They work non-stop only taking short naps to treat as many patients as humanly possible until they run out of medical supplies.

Call to Action
I hope you have been touched by this story and moved to take action. I humbly ask you to donate whatever you can to bring a miracle to someone who needs it badly.

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